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Roanoke Drug Defense Lawyer

Defending Drug Charges for More Than 30 Years

A drug charge is usually a felony charge, and it can be frightening to someone who is charged in the state of Virginia. There is a very real possibility of jail time plus other financial consequences such as the cost of drug treatment and fines from the court. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, you need a serious and experienced Roanoke drug defense attorney.

My name is Charles Allen, and I’ve been involved in criminal law for more than 30 years. During that time I have seen the types of drugs and drug crimes change, and have seen law enforcement practices change as well. I can build a skilled defense on your behalf, although our results will depend on the facts of your case. I believe in telling my clients the truth. I never make promises I can’t keep, and I will give you an honest assessment of your case based on my experience.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, I am the lawyer who may be your best shot at a positive outcome.

Felony Drug Crimes

At Charles R. Allen, Jr., Attorney at Law, I represent individuals charged with any of the following types of drug crimes in state or federal court:

  • Drug possession of illegal or controlled substances, including marijuana, powder cocaine or crack cocaine, heroin, psilocybin mushrooms, methamphetamine
  • Drug possession with intent to sell, or drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing, including meth labs
  • Illegal possession of controlled prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Lortab, Adderall or Xanax
  • Prescription drug fraud charged against health care workers, certified nursing assistants or others

Roanoke, Salem and Bedford Marijuana Charge Attorney

In the state of Virginia, marijuana is the only drug possession charge that can be a misdemeanor, and that is only at low weights. Some marijuana charges end up as felony charges.

Some Virginia courts have a drug court for a first time drug felony offense. Drug court is a viable option for many first-time offenders.

Whether your charge is for marijuana or another drug, I will be looking at several factors to determine the best defense for your particular circumstances.

  • Did the arresting officer have probable cause for a search?
  • Do you have a past record of drug charges or convictions?
  • Were all of the arrest procedures followed properly?
  • What is the weight and nature of the drug? Can it be proved that it was yours?
  • Are other individuals involved and what is their story?

Sadly for most of those charged with a drug offense, the government’s case is usually a strong one. If we go to court, a jury would assess any guilt. This could be good when we can build a good defensive case. In some instances, a plea is the best and safest option.

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For defense of your drug charge, please call my Virginia law office at 540-904-1938 or toll free at 866-698-9125 to schedule an appointment. You may also send me an e-mail. I am your ally for serious legal issues.

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